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Concord - Hours after voicing half-hearted concerns about sweeping cuts to military retiree benefits included in a federal budget deal that she supports, Senator Jeanne Shaheen last night voted against a final effort to block them. Fox News reports that Democrats, including Shaheen, stopped an effort to undo the pension cuts and replace the savings by reigning in an IRS credit claimed by people who are in the country illegally.   



"Once again, Senator Jeanne Shaheen demonstrated that she would rather stand with her liberal party leadership instead of standing up for New Hampshire veterans. Senator Shaheen had another chance to stop these devastating military retiree benefit cuts before they become law, but she chose to let down the people who have sacrificed the most for our country by opposing this commonsense solution," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Senator Shaheen continues to prove that she isn't serious about repealing these harmful cuts and that she lacks the independence that Granite Staters expect from their elected officials."




There Are 9,511 Military Retirees In New Hampshire. (Department Of Defense, Office Of The Actuary,Statistical Report On The Military Retirement System, Fiscal Year 2012, May 2013)


The Military Officers Association of America Predicts A Retiree Could See An Average Loss Of More Than $3,700 A Year From The Budget Deal - Or About $83,000 By The Time He Or She Hits 62. (The Washington Post, 12/16/13)


The Veterans Of Foreign Wars Estimated The Budget Would Reduce The Benefits For A Typical Enlisted Person Who Retires At Age 40 By $80,000 By Age 62. "The Veterans of Foreign Wars estimated it would reduce the benefits for a typical enlisted person who retires at age 40 by $80,000 by age 62." (The Washington Post, 12/16/13)