NH News Conferences: Andy Martin becomes Scott Brown's only opponent





New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says he has become Scott Brown’s only experienced senate primary opponent


“Finally someone has unified the New Hampshire Republican Party!” Andy says. “Except for Jennifer Horn, the party is united in opposition to receiving Scott Brown as a U. S. Senate candidate”


Andy predicts that Jennifer Horn’s de facto endorsement of Brown’s “candidacy” will lead to a party rebellion that will remove Horn as state chairman


Andy says “Just a few days ago I was castigating my ‘three zombies’ opponents; now I am in a battle with a nationally known and New Yawk supported gun grabber. The zombies have gone where zombies go. I am Brown’s only experienced opponent.”


(Manchester, NH) (December 18, 2013) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin announced Wednesday that he will hold two news conferences on Thursday, December 19th to oppose Scott Brown as Andy’s potential U. S. Senate primary opponent. Andy will hold a Thursday morning news conference in Manchester, and an afternoon news conference in Nashua (details below).


Thursday morning in Manchester (details below) Andy will castigate Brown as a stooge for eccentric Chicago billionaire “Crazy Joe Ricketts.”


“Chicago billionaire ‘Crazy Joe Ricketts’ is promoting Brown’s candidacy by flooding New Hampshire’s airwaves with misleading commercials,” Andy says. “Well, the people of New Hampshire have had enough of Chicago-based political fixers and phony politicians. Scott Brown should stay in Massachusetts and run for the senate from his home state. He should not be a Wall Street Sock Puppet trying to stage a hostile takeover in the Granite State.


“The Chicago Tribune once called me ‘an absolutely brilliant campaigner.’ I am the only Brown opponent who has the national experience and media experience to stop the Massachusetts gun grabber from trying to steal a Granite State senate seat.


“Perversely, Brown has helped my campaign by giving me a major league opponent to fight, and by effectively clearing the decks of the three ‘zombies.’”


In Nashua (details below) Andy will hold an afternoon news conference to label Brown as “Public Enemy #1 to the Second Amendment.” Andy is expected to join a spirited crowd of New Hampshire gun owners who will be present to demonstrate against Brown. “Scott Brown can ‘run,’” says Andy, reprising the old Joe Louis refrain, “but he can’t hide from his record as a Massachusetts gun-grabber. Jennifer Horn must be delusional if she thinks she can stick New Hampshire Republicans with a gun grabber in the senate primary. Brown must be delusional as well.


“Scott Brown’s political career is going to come to an end in New Hampshire. In the words of Men’s Wearhouse, ‘I guarantee it.’ I am ecstatic at the prospect of taking down Scott Brown as the first step to removing Jeanne Shaheen from the U. S. Senate. Finishing off Brown will provide the momentum I need to defeat Shaheen. Since I am the only senate candidate effectively challenging Brown, by definition the remaining candidates have become irrelevant.”


Andy will suggest that Brown may have been fooled by a bizarre local spat between Andy and the Associated Press. The AP has been trying to destroy Andy’s candidacy by pretending Andy does not exist. Brown may not have realized his most effective opponent was not even on the radar screen of the AP and Union Leader, and Brown may have been lulled into a false sense of security as to his potential primary opposition. Andy has a lawsuit pending against the AP and others for violating New Hampshire law.




December 19th New Hampshire News Conference Details:







New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin says that he has become the de facto opposition candidate to Scott Brown as other “zombie” candidates have faded into insignificance




Sidewalk in front of Manchester City Hall (Main Entrance), 1 City Hall Plaza, Manchester, NH




Thursday, December 19th - 11:00 A.M.






New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin says that Scott Brown is “Public Enemy #1 for every supporter of the Second Amendment;” Andy vows to defeat Brown in senate primary




Sidewalk in front of Hunt Memorial Building, 6 Main Street Nashua, NH 03064




Thursday, December 19th - 5:00 P.M.