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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Representative Carol Shea-Porter's announcement this afternoon that she is sponsoring legislation to repeal military retiree benefit cuts that she already voted for:


"Just like Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Representative Carol Shea-Porter was for cutting military retiree benefits before she was against it. Representative Shea-Porter said and did nothing to protect New Hampshire's veterans until after she voted to enact these harmful pension reductions. Now the brave and women who sacrificed the most for our country are facing devastating cuts because of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Representative Carol Shea-Porter and Representative Annie Kuster's failed leadership and misguided votes.


"Representative Shea-Porter's knows that her legislation is too little, too late. She had a chance to stop these cuts from becoming law before she voted for them, but she failed to listen to the concerns voiced by veterans and provide responsible leadership for her constituents."





There Are 9,511 Military Retirees In New Hampshire. (Department Of Defense, Office Of The Actuary,Statistical Report On The Military Retirement System, Fiscal Year 2012, May 2013)


The Military Officers Association of America Predicts A Retiree Could See An Average Loss Of More Than $3,700 A Year From The Budget Deal - Or About $83,000 By The Time He Or She Hits 62. (The Washington Post, 12/16/13)


The Veterans Of Foreign Wars Estimated The Budget Would Reduce The Benefits For A Typical Enlisted Person Who Retires At Age 40 By $80,000 By Age 62. "The Veterans of Foreign Wars estimated it would reduce the benefits for a typical enlisted person who retires at age 40 by $80,000 by age 62." (The Washington Post, 12/16/13)