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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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Today, I had the honor of visiting a health care facility in NH.  This facility was remarkably reflected in the faces of the patients.   They were engaging and smiling.  It was a delight to speak with them, to hear their concerns.  It was also enlightening to speak with those who care for these patients. 



These residents expressed fear in losing their supplemental Medicare coverage that allows them to receive this quality care.   But those who provide the care are equally concerned.  They are, for starters, straddled with regulations for redundant paperwork and specific protocol written into ObamaCare also known as the Affordable Care Act NOW!!!


What is, in practical application, growing out of control is onerous, time consuming, repetitive paperwork.  It requires an additional person be hired to be compliant.  But time spent on paperwork means reduced time spent with patients or a reduction in the number of patients who will receive care.  Is it any wonder that doctors are closing their practices and their staff members are unemployed? 

The sad thing is that the patients waiting time for care is growing and growing.  Some patients are experiencing physical pain while protocols are followed. 

With 20,000 NH patients losing their health care coverage it appears that ObamaCare is anything, but affordable.

When I came home, someone sent this YouTube to save the day!!!
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