Testerman For US Senate - The Irresponsible Budget Deal

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, criticized the budget deal because it takes more from taxpayers.

"This budget is irresponsible," Testerman said. "The day after the publication of this year's Wastebook, Republicans have agreed to a budget giving even more money to the government to waste. Apparently $967 billion of discretionary spending isn't enough. They needed another $45 billion to spend on wine glasses, Star Trek parodies, robotic squirrels, and studies of the intelligence of Tea Party conservatives.

"Real cuts are promised later. If today's Congress cannot cut now (except veterans' benefits) and can only agree to rollback minor cuts from the Budget Control Act, why should we think the future Congress will not roll back these minor cuts when they come due?

"We need adults in Congress, people who are serious about reducing our enormous debt while in office. I will be eager to do that as your senator."