Andy Martin For US Senate - Did Scott Browns Nashua supporters violate federal law? Is Brown finished in NH?

December 20, 2013

Dear New Hampshire Citizen:

On Thursday I wrote you a note about my own qualifications for the U. S. Senate as well as suggesting why I am only experienced candidate to oppose Scott Brown of Massachusetts as a potential New Hampshire senate candidate.

First, the New Hampshire Republican Party event in Nashua Thursday night backfired on both State Chairman Jennifer Horn and candidate “candidate” Scott Brown.

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition and other Second Amendment supporters did an absolutely amazing job of turning out a Second Amendment team to protest Brown. Both the Union Leader and Nashua Telegraph suggested over 200 conservative opponents lined the streets opposing Brown’s presence (see links below).

My own opposition position was right outside the building where the event was held, so I could monitor the pro-Brown turnout. I don’t think they had more than 50-60 paying customers. Free tickets were also handed out.

Bottom line: Brown’s opponents outnumbered his supporters by at least 4-1. Those are not good odds for a candidate. Brown says he is “energized” by opposition (see links below). No candidate is energized when his opponents outnumber his potential supporters by 4-1.

The Second Amendment is strong in New Hampshire.

Second, Brown’s college student “supporters” hoisted what may be illegal signs. The signs are suppose to disclose who authorized and paid for them. There was no disclosure on Brown’s signs. Who paid for the illegal signs? Were Young Republicans duped into carrying illegal signs? Stay tuned to see if we receive any explanations or excuses.

The fact that Jennifer Horn virtually endorsed Brown as a senate candidate suggests to me she will soon be on the way out as state chairman. Horn is trying to pick candidates behind the ruse she is not “endorsing” anyone. People are not fooled by such transparent sophistry. The state party should be scrupulously neutral in primary elections. That is currently not the case.

Will Brown run? My opinion? The odds now tip slightly against a run. Brown may have been falsely led to believe that the nomination would be his for the asking. The vehement opposition to his candidacy means Brown has to factor in a massive primary fight to win the nomination. I doubt if he has the stomach for such a battle. If Brown faced a hostile primary, which is a certainty, even if he won his chances of prevailing against Shaheen would be diminished. His national stature would be over. The millions he is earning as a national figure would evaporate. The revolving door would stop revolving. 55-45 Brown does not run.

I am committed to running. I am committed to running a hard hitting campaign in the primary and an even more hard hitting campaign against Jeanne Shaheen. Can you say the same about any of my actual or potential opponents? Honestly, I don’t think so. I was vetted in the crucible of the 2008 presidential campaign when Obama’s dirt diggers tried to take me down because of my leading role in exposing Obama-the-fraud. All Obama’s mudslingers could throw at me were 30 year-old stale accusations. I am Granite State solid. Plain talk: I am the only candidate with the battle-hardened experience to fight Jeanne Shaheen and defeat her for reelection.

As always, I invite your comments, reactions, suggestions and support!









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