Shaheen For US Senate - not a drill

Jeanne Shaheen


A LOT has happened this month. And today, Massachusetts’ Scott Brown is making his 13th visit to New Hampshire this year!Don't let Scott Brown buy NH! Donate now to fight the attacks.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Billionaire Tea Party booster Joe Ricketts, who approved of ads attacking President Obama that were too extreme to actually run, funded a Super PAC campaign encouraging Brown to run.
  • In an almost unprecedented move, a pro-Scott Brown Super PAC spent $70,000 to attack Jeanne on TV -- before Brown's even entered the race.
  • Scott Brown is selling his home and moving to New Hampshire.

Okay, this is not a drill. Repeat: Not a drill. We need your help to overcome the attacks by building a grassroots-powered campaign, and it can’t wait.

We still have $39,761 to go by midnight tomorrow. We can’t let them just attack Jeanne.

Click here to donate anything you can – even $5 makes a difference. It’ll take all of us to keep pace with Brown and his billionaire, Tea Party allies.

Jeanne’s the only Democrat elected to the Senate from New Hampshire in 30 years. That’s why Brown and company think they can roll in here and knock us off.

To show them they’re wrong, we need you.

Thanks for being with us,

Kari Thurman
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