Testerman For US Senate - Big Government and Obamacare Caused 5 Million People "Hardship"

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, expressed outrage that Obamacare has officially created "hardship" for five million people.

Under the current rules, only those under 30 and those who qualify for a "hardship" exemption qualify for catastrophic insurance plans. Ahead of President Obama's Hawaii vacation, the Obama administration has announced that those who were most directly affected by President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen's Lie of the Year qualify for the hardship exemption.

"I'll tell you what's catastrophic--Obamacare," Testerman said. "The ideology-induced blindness of the liberals and progressives led them to create hardships for five million people across the country, and Jeanne Shaheen's active participation in supporting Obamacare and opposing all improvements preventing these hardships disqualifies her to continue voting against us in a second term.

"The government belongs to us. Anyone so flippant to vote for a partisan and ideological bill that rests on such a fairy-tale understanding of business-without reading the bill-is not really a representative at all. Jeanne Shaheen acts like a little queen.

"Instead of Queen Jeanne, we need someone to vote for our best interests and not create hardships through irresponsible votes. I will be that kind of senator for New Hampshire."