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Watchdog.org - No podemos: Hispanics turn on the president, Obamacare

Lost in translation: Once-supportive Hispanics turning backs on Obama, ACA
They were among President Obama’s best supporters, but support for the president and his signature health insurance scheme is quickly dying among Hispanics.

A recent Gallup poll showed Obama’s approval rating among Hispanic down 23 percent, to 52 percent in November from 75 percent in December 2012.
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NPR more than capable of standing on its own
The network draws 4.6 percent of its revenue directly from the government — federal, state and local — and an additional 11.4 percent from the federally-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
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Volunteer firefighters battle IRS, Obamacare on Capitol Hill
Volunteer firefighters are fighting back against IRS mandates that they be classified as employees subject to Obamacare mandates.
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