American Principles In Action - Looking for to 2014

Dear Fellow Conservative,
2013 was an important year for the conservative movement and should bring us great hope for the future of our country.
In 2012, conservatives were on the losing side of the Presidential election. Instead of giving up, conservatives became motivated and more energized than ever, and continue to work to protect America and our values.
APP Economics led the battle against a Keynesian nominee for the Federal Reserve chair and worked to promote sound money at the national and state levels in 2013. We have even more planned for the new year and look forward to 2014.
Will you help us push forward our plans for 2014?
Over the past year, APP Economics successfully helped pass hard money laws in Texas and Louisiana. Our team helped persuade over 30 members of Congress to sponsor the Centennial Monetary Commission Act, a much-needed proposal to redo the Federal Reserve.
APP Economics led the charge against Larry Summers, and then Janet Yellen, as the world’s most powerful central banking job came open. We launched a website,, to expose the truth about Janet Yellen’s left-wing economic beliefs. We also partnered with a former high-ranking Fed official to brief Republican Senators about this nomination. Our campaign attracted national media attention by USA Today, Fox Business Channel, Bloomberg, and many other outlets.
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Middle class Americans are watching their paychecks buy less as they continue to be weighted down by household debt. Our chief goal in 2014 is to educate and engage a broader audience, and work to promote sound money, which will promote a stable economy.
Donate today to help promote sound money and a principled approach to the economic well-being of our country.
APP Economics is a project of the American Principles Project. APP relies on the generosity of Americans, who stand with us in our values and believe in our work.
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Thank you for helping us in the battle to protect America’s founding principles and promoting these principles within monetary policy and the economy.
For America,
Rich Danker
Economics Director
American Principles Project