Andy Martin For US Senate - Is Jim Rubens "phoning it in on the Second amendment?"

December 21, 2013 


Dear New Hampshire Citizen:


Thursday night almost 250 Second Amendment supporters were in Nashua to demonstrate against the “party” being sponsored by Scott Brown. I was there:


Jim Rubens was not present.


But Friday Jim Rubens issued an email seeking to raise money by touting his twenty year-old Second Amendment credentials. It was too cold for Rubens to be outside Thursday night; but he was ready to ask for money from the warmth of his campaign office the next day. What is wrong with this picture?


It has been fifteen years since Jim Rubens was actively involved in politics. When Jim ran for office the last time AOL dial-up was how most people reached the Internet.


Not only a lot has changed in the world of politics since Rubens was actively involved – he was defeated in the gubernatorial primary in 1998 - a lot has changed in New Hampshire.


Under the aggressive field generalship of Ray Buckley and his troops New Hampshire has become Democratic territory. I know some call the state “purple,” but the test of a state’s political orientation is how a party does electing governors. How have Republicans been at electing governors the past 20 years? Who is the leading Republican candidate for governor in 2014?


Jim Rubens is a decent guy. But he has spent the past fifteen years as a Romney-style venture capitalist. We all know how that worked out for Romney. I do not question Rubens’ integrity; but you may want to question his energy, since he passed up a golden opportunity to stand up for the Second Amendment Thursday night.


The 2014 senate election will in probability be the dirtiest in New Hampshire history. Obama and Shaheen will pull out all the stops to reelect Jeanne. Is Rubens up to the task of standing up to Buckley and Shaheen? That’s a question you will have to answer for yourself.


No one questions my energy. And no one questions I can dish it out to smear artists such as Barack Obama and Ray Buckley. Do you want a candidate who can fight, and fight back? Or a candidate such as Ovide Lamontagne who said after the 2012 election that he was surprised by the Democratic Party’s tactics? Ovide was also a decent man, and look what Maggie Hassan did to him.


If you want to fight the Democrats, there is only one Republican candidate with the experience and guts to stand up and fight back. I won’t phone in my support for the Second Amendment. I am ready to fight for the Second Amendment in Washington in 2015. I am ready to stand up to Obama in 2015, because I have already proven I can stand up to Obama’s mudslingers in earlier campaigns. Can any of my opponents make a similar claim?


Once again, as we approach Christmas, may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To all, whatever your beliefs, Happy Holidays.


God Bless New Hampshire.











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