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ALG's Daily Grind - Will Janet Yellen stop printing $900 billion a year in 2014?


Dec. 26, 2013

Will Janet Yellen stop printing $900 billion a year in 2014?
With credit slowing down in 2013 and rates already slightly rising, does incoming Fed head Janet Yellen have the fortitude to taper into the face fierce economic headwinds?

Cartoon: More Coal

Podesta to carry out the Obama Doctrine
With John Podesta's imminent return to the White House as an advisor specializing in energy policy, any optimism in a robust energy future for the U.S. may be misplaced. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

ALG Posts of the Year: Unemployment rate is meaningless
You liked, we saw. Counting down the final days before the new year, we are highlighting the top posts from 2013 as decided by what our followers liked, shared, re-tweeted, and talked about on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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