Shaheen For US Senate - just heard


We just heard that Ending Spending – the Wall Street Super PAC supporting Massachusetts’ Scott Brown – is calling voters to tell lies about Jeanne’s record.

They’ve already spent $70,000 on ads attacking her – now, it’s out-of-state calls attacking her under the guise of a “poll.”

It’s yet more evidence Brown’s serious about running, except he’s letting his Wall Street cronies do the dirty work. Brown will have Tea Party and Wall Street millions to push lie after lie. They’re focused on Jeanne because they recognize winning New Hampshire would mean taking the Senate majority.

I know you get it, but we have to make sure no voter falls for their lies. Help us by donating, now, before the FEC deadline December 31 – only 3 days away. We’ve still got $18,374 to raise.

Click here to donate immediately. Anything you can spare – even $5 – will help us keep pace and fight the lies.

Jeanne’s the only Democrat elected to the Senate from New Hampshire in 30 years. Our accomplishment in 2008 was incredible, but it’s made us the Tea Party’s top target – we’ll have to work harder than ever to win again.

The Senate majority rests on what happens in New Hampshire. We need your help building the grassroots-powered campaign it will take to win.


Andy Darkins
Friends of Jeanne Shaheen