Shaheen For US Senate - Fox News


The drumbeat of extreme right-wing support for Massachusetts’ Scott Brown is picking up – Rush Limbaugh devoted time to attacking Jeanne on his nationally syndicated show. 

The signs of a national GOP campaign to defeat Jeanne are unmistakable. They know winning New Hampshire means winning the Senate.

Brown is being paid as a Fox News contributor to attack Jeanne. A Wall Street-funded Super PAC is polling and airing attacks. And Limbaugh is urging Republicans to air an attack ad by the maker of the infamous Willie Horton ad. 

To win, we have to respond immediately.

That’s why this deadline – three days away – is so important. It’s our last chance to show we won’t let them waltz in here and win. Give, RIGHT NOW, by the December 31 FEC deadline to help us raise $14,250 more to defeat Brown and the GOP.

Click here to donate $5 or more right away to help us fight back against the right wing. They’re all after Jeanne and we’ve not a moment to waste.

This is what we’re up against: Rush, Wall Street and Fox News.

If we’re going to fight back against their extreme attacks and defend the Democratic Senate majority, we need you. Now.

Thank you so much, 

Kari Thurman
Friends of Jeanne Shaheen