ALG's Daily Grind - No way out of Fed's QE trap


Dec. 3, 2013

No way out of Fed's QE trap
Will there be any way for Janet Yellen to get the genie back in the bottle?

Cartoon: Talking turkey on Obamacare
How did your Thanksgiving political debates on the health care law go?

History falsifies climate alarmist sea level claims
Sea level is a dynamic property in our planet's climate cycles, which are closely linked to changes in solar energy output and other natural factors. It is unlikely to change in response to tax policies that make energy more expensive and economies less robust.

Wall Street Journal: The latest IRS political crackdown
"To avoid getting tagged for engaging in too much politics, a group would have to scrub its website of anything written about a candidate, presumably even if the article was written before the candidate had announced."