Andy Martin For US Senate - Former Senator Bob Smith is a disgrace to the Republican Party

New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says former Senator Bob Smith should reconsider whether to run again in 2014


Andy says Smith’s bizarre behavior, party switching and support for John Kerry mark Smith as an unstable personality


Andy accuses Smith of exacerbating the decline of the New Hampshire Republican Party


Andy says he now faces “three zombie candidates” in the 2014 Republican primary


(Manchester, NH) (December 3, 2013) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference today, Tuesday, December 3rd to ask former senator Bob Smith to reconsider his latest round of nonsense which is propagated by liberal media activist James Pindell.

“People who are defeated for reelection in general elections often run for office again,” Andy says. “That is a pretty traditional story. But Bob Smith was not defeated by Democrats. Smith was removed from office by his own Republicans.

“Smith’s bizarre behavior in office, switching parties, endorsing Democrats and generally acting as though he had lost his mind, are very unusual.

“Bob Smith is the Democratic Party’s and Jeanne Shaheen’s ‘dream’ candidate in 2014. Only someone with a death wish for the Republican Party would consider Bob Smith a candidate for office. Smith was deemed beatable by Shaheen in 2002. What has he done to change those odds in the past twelve years?

“Smith could pay a price for acting out his inner demons; the race may take a toll on his diminished capacity. Smith’s behavior suggests a bipolar disorder, or even a whiff of dementia. He says his family is urging him to run. I would be surprised if any of Smith’s relatives want him to make a fool of himself again.

“There is no shame in running for office against long odds. I am an underdog myself. And I have run and lost for office because I wanted to promote an agenda of fighting corruption, supporting public integrity and advocating rational public policies.

“If Smith really wants to run, I suspect his candidacy helps me. I will then be facing three ‘zombie’ Republicans for the nomination. I defend Smith’s ‘right to run’ if he wants to run. It is his right to do so. But if Smith wants to use his campaign as a platform to attack Republicans and to make an ass out of himself, he is making a big mistake,” Andy states. “The media love Smith because he is a clown prince and embarrasses Republicans. This time Smith’s efforts may boomerang on him, and boomerang on the liberal media activists who are promoting his irrational candidacy. For the good of his family, and for his own good, I urge Bob Smith to reconsider.”