CEI Today: Obama welfare, EPA carbon pollution rule, and credit card fees

Friday, December 6, 2013
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Openmarket.org: President Pushes Welfare Rather than Opportunity and Social Mobility in Speech about Inequality

“President Obama on Wednesday declared that addressing income inequality would be the focus of ‘all’ of the White House’s efforts ‘for the rest of my presidency.’” But he came up with nothing new to advance this goal. Instead, he reiterated stale proposals that expand welfare rather than the opportunity to earn a living.
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Globalwarming.org: Debunking the False Link between EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standard and Requirements in the 1970s for Sulfur Scrubbers


I debunk the myth that EPA’s proposed Carbon Pollution Standard is no different than the agency’s sulfur dioxide mandates for new coal-fired power plants in the 1970s. This false analogy, which is being peddled by high ranking EPA officials and influential Members of Congress, is based on the mistaken assertion that sulfur “scrubber” technology then was similar in development to carbon capture and sequestration now. > Read more

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Openmarket.org: Retailers Only Sell Half a Loaf in their Analysis of the Costs of Interchange Fees

On the unintended consequences of credit card regulation, Iain Murray takes issue with a study called “The Costs and Benefits of Half a Loaf” that estimates only the putative savings to consumers at the point of sale. It ignores the other half of the equation – the increased costs to bank card users from banks needing to make up a sudden shortfall in revenue as a result of this regulation.
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Pennsylvania May Lead the Nation in Liberating Beer

Pennsylvania could lead the nation in reforming anti-competitive, Prohibition-era restrictions on beer distribution, and the benefits would flow to brewers large and small as well as small businesses and consumers, says CEI consumer policy expert Michelle Minton in a new report, Prohibition Hangover Cure for Keystone State Brewers.

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December 5, 2013: Ending Corporate Welfare

Stephen Slivinski, a senior economist at the Goldwater Institute, discusses solutions to the seemingly intractable problem of corporate welfare.

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CEI President Lawson Bader

Amtrak – Another government-run disaster

Today, Amtrak survives on federal subsidies—some $40 billion over the past four decades. > Read more


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