NHDP - #ThisIsObamacareNH: How the Affordable Care Act Expands Coverage and Eliminates Cost-Sharing for Recommended Preventive Services in the Granite State

Concord - The Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act would mean 105 million Americans could lose access to free, recommended preventive services.  In New Hampshire, that includes 91,000 children and 141,000 women.  With the Affordable Care Act most private insurance plans provide coverage for and eliminate cost-sharing on certain recommended preventive health services. 
As a result, approximately 71 million Americans with private insurance – including 365,000 in New Hampshire received expanded coverage of one or more preventive services in 2011 and 2012, according to analysis by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  These services include:
  • For children – vision and hearing screening; developmental assessments; recommended immunizations; and screening and counseling to address obesity and help children maintain a healthy weight.
  • For adults under age 65 – recommended immunizations and cancer screening such as colonoscopies for those over 50; healthy diet counseling for those at high risk for chronic disease and obesity screening; cholesterol and blood pressure screening; screening for HIV; depression screening; and tobacco-use counseling.
  • For women under age 65 – additional preventive services such as recommended mammograms and Pap smears; well-woman visits; screening for gestational diabetes; and domestic violence screening and counseling.
  • A full list of preventive services covered with no cost-sharing is on HealthCare.gov.
Medicare beneficiaries across the country, including 231,444 in New Hampshire, also now have access to free, recommended preventive services such as an annual wellness visit, bone mass measurements, cervical cancer screening, cholesterol and other cardiovascular screenings, and mammograms. About 34 million Americans on Medicare have already received at least one preventive service at no out of pocket cost because of the healthcare law.
The health care law also puts women and families—not their bosses or corporate CEO’s—in control of their health care decisions by requiring insurance plans to cover contraception at no additional cost. No one, including the government or Washington politicians should dictate these decisions to women. These personal health decisions should be made by an individual and their doctor.