Testerman For US Senate - Testerman Calls on Shaheen to Hold a Geniune Obamacare Townhall

Testerman Calls on Shaheen to Be Accessible

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, called on Jeanne Shaheen to come out of hiding to hear from her constituents about Obamacare while she is on vacation. The Senate has not been in session since November 27th and will not be back in session until Monday, December 9th.

"Jeanne Shaheen should hold a townhall where she can personally hear from the citizens in New Hampshire and personally address their concerns," Testerman said. "As a senator, she has a responsibility to return home and talk with her constituents."

Jeanne Shaheen strongly supported Obamacare while obstructing Republicans' efforts to prevent the cancellation of 5 million policies across the country and 22,000 in New Hampshire.

"What better time to be accessible than while in the state on break? She should be available to explain her recent reassuring rhetoric that you could 'keep your healthcare plan if you like it' as well as her most prominent votes that harm Granite Staters," Testerman said.

"I call on Shaheen to be accessible. She must have a ready defense for her avid support for Obamacare to share with the people," Testerman said.