NHDP to Scott Brown: You’re not in Massachusetts

Concord – “Wrong state, Senator. New Hampshire isn’t Massachusetts.” That’s the message New Hampshire Democrats are sending to Scott Brown, former Senator turned shadow lobbyist for big banks and corporations, after he confused the two states at Republican event in Londonderry, NH last night. To clear up Scott Brown’s confusion, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has created a helpful map for him with both states clearly labeled. 

“Note to Scott Brown: Here in New Hampshire, we know the difference between the Granite State and the Bay State. We hope this map helps you learn the difference, too, and find your way back home to Massachusetts,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.

"Shadow Lobbbyist Scott Brown is so desperate to get himself back to Washington where he can keep representing Wall Street, big banks and big oil he doesn’t care what state he runs from.  Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, not New Hampshire and not the people of New Hampshire,” said Kirstein.

Brown told reporters, "What I've heard from the Republicans up here is they're thankful that I've been around for a year helping them raise money, helping them raise awareness as to the issues that are affecting not only people here in Massachusetts — I mean New Hampshire — but also in Massachusetts obviously, and Maine."

A public poll earlier this year reported that two thirds of New Hampshire voters didn’t think that Scott Brown was a New Hampshire person and more than half didn’t want him to run to run for office in their state.  [PPP, 4/21/2013]