ALG's Daily Grind - Are millennials really dumping Obama?


Dec. 6, 2013

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Are millennials really dumping Obama?
Harvard study: While younger voters' attitudes may be shifting slightly against Obama, that is not necessarily pointing to a conservative or Republican surge per se. They may be disappointed with Obama, but they like Republicans even less.

Alternative education shows progress
Charter schools and voucher programs across the nation have simply worked. In Washington D.C., over 1,600 low-income children participate in the district's voucher program at a 91 percent graduation rate, which is a stark contrast when compared to the 41 percent rate of those not participating in the program.

Why fast food workers should really protest
If Americans take to the streets, as they arguably should, they should be demanding not a higher minimum wage but leadership with clarity, optimism and regard for individual initiative that inspired prosperity in generations past.

Coy: Sorry, the U.S. growth surge is just a blip
"Producing more stuff doesn't help if you can't sell it, and that was the problem with the U.S. economy last quarter.