Innis For Congress - Innis Health Care Agenda

Part I of the Innis Agenda


Manchester, NH - Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 1st congressional district, announced today his plan to reform America's broken Health Care system by cleaning up the Obamacare mess and moving towards more affordable and accessible medical care for all Americans.

Today's Health Care Agenda is Part I of the Innis Agenda, a specific set of policy proposals that Innis will roll out over the course of the campaign.

"Millions are losing their current health insurance, hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on a website that doesn't work, and billions more will be spent for high priced insurance that people don't want. Ask any New Hampshire taxpayer, small businesses owner or retiree, and they will tell you that the Washington approach to health care regulation isn't working," said Dan Innis.

Innis continued, "That's why I'm bringing forward the Innis Agenda for Health Care. We need to unleash new ideas to make health insurance more affordable, more accessible, and help make every American healthier."

The Innis Agenda for Health Care:


  1. Clean up the ObamaCare mess by delaying the costly Employer and Individual Mandates until 2017. 
  2. Make insurance more affordable by allowing individuals to fully deduct the cost of their health insurance premiums, and encouraging Health Savings Accounts and Medical Retirement Accounts. Allow consumers to shop for insurance across state lines, and reduce the frivolous lawsuits that increase costs while driving rural health care providers out of business.
  3. Improve access to health care by giving states greater flexibility over Medicaid, and streamlining the FDA approval process that keeps life-saving drugs from patients that need them.
  4. Move beyond Washington by encouraging best practices that reduce medical and diagnostic errors, saving money, and improving health care outcomes. See a great example by the Mayo Clinic which is working right now.