The Boston Globe's Exclusive Broken City Series Concludes: Solutions to Gridlock

The Boston Globe's exclusive Broken City series concludes today, Sunday, December 8, with the 19th and final piece of the story, completing the yearlong and in-depth look inside Washington paralysis and dysfunction, and offering several potential solutions.


Inspired by a year unlike any other in national politics, the Washington Bureau dedicated extensive time and research to addressing the deeper political issues beneath the government's dysfunction.


The Globe launched an ambitious assignment to tell the story behind the "Broken City" and to answer the most important question: What can be done to fix it?


Find out what their research uncovered in the four-page conclusion package featured in this Sunday's Globe or at


The updated e-book with the final installment will also be available soon at no cost for Boston Globe subscribers on or for $2.99 on AmazonBarnes & Noble and iTunes for nonsubscribers. MEDIA REVIEW COPIES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.