ALG - Unemployment increases to 7.9%

Jan. 30, 2013, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson reacted to today's unemployment rate release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which showed that the rate increased for the second month in a row to 7.9 percent as 126,000 more Americans reported that they were unemployed in January than in December.  Since the November election, the number of Americans reporting that they are unemployed has increased by more than 330,000 people or roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Cincinnati, Ohio.

"More and more Americans are suffering from unemployment as the national debt and our nation's leaders failure to confront it, continues to drag down economic growth.  Even far left economist Paul Krugman characterizes Obama's economy as having "depression conditions" and no other results could have resulted from a President who insists on higher taxes, more government spending and increased regulations that stifle job creation.

"It is even more instructive that Obama has abandoned all pretense of caring about creating conditions where private sector job creation can occur, as this past week he let his so-called Jobs Council expire into the dust bin of history.

"Congressional leaders need to step up and use the budget process to strike down job destroying regulations, defund rogue agencies like the EPA, and immediately cut the budget to return our nation to the economic hope and prosperity we enjoyed prior to the dramatic explosion of the size and scope of government that we have experienced over the past five years."




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