FreeKeeneNews - Robin Hooders Threatened with Felonies for Removing Chalk from Tires

Felony for Removing Chalk from Tires?

KPD threatens Robin Hood and the Merry Men with prison for saving people from tickets.  For weeks now, the Keene police's parking department has been flummoxed by activists who have been saving people from receiving parking tickets for expired meters.  Called "Robin Hooding", the activists have been on the streets every day, saving hundreds of people from tickets by depositing nickels in expired meters before the enforcer can reach the vehicle.  In addition, the Robin Hooders have been removing chalk from tires in order to prevent people from being ticketed and this week Keene Police's Sgt. Jason Short threatened the activists with felony charges and prison time for removing the chalk.

Details are here at Free Keene.