NH DHHS - Multi-Agency Drill to Take Place at NHH on Wednesday

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Hospital (NHH) in partnership with the New

Hampshire State Police (NHSP) will be conducting a drill in Concord on

Wednesday. The “Code Silver” Readiness Drill is an exercise in dealing

with a hostage situation and it is scheduled to take place inside the NHH

building. There will also be a number of other entities involved in the

drill, including the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency

Management, the Concord Police and Fire Departments and the New Hampshire

Hospital Association. Through the drill State and local authorities will

be able to exercise how they would respond to this type of situation and

work together to resolve it peacefully. As there are a number of public

safety entities involved, there will be an increase of law enforcement and

law enforcement vehicles in and around the NHH facility, however there will

be little if any impact to the operations on the NHH campus, or to local

residents or businesses. NHH wants the public to be aware of the increased

police presence so there is no confusion and no one thinks this is a real

emergency. The drill is scheduled to begin at 8 AM and end at 12 PM.