WMUR.com Political Editor James Pindell: “Not paying your taxes on time is bad. Doing it for 3 years straight is worse.  However, not having an easy, digestible explanation as to her tardiness is what has caused this story to grow legs and drag on. In her first real test in Congress, Kuster whiffed.” (WMUR, 2/8/13)


Foster’s Daily Democrat Editorial: “So far Kuster has refused to adequately explain her delinquencies. Don't think anyone should buy for a moment that Kuster repeatedly lost track of $40,000 in taxes up against at $2 million in assets.” (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/6/13)


Nashua Telegraph Headline: “Kuster’s deafening silence on her property taxes may come back to haunt her” (Nashua Telegraph, 2/10/13)


Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan: “Trust me, this vitriol from her opposition won’t subside, and every action she takes in her office will be seen through this prism until she offers the reasons why it occurred.” (Nashua Telegraph, 2/10/13)


Concord Monitor’s Ben Leubsdorf:U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster didn’t have a very good week. The revelation that the first-term Democrat was late paying her property taxes for the past three years made her a punching bag for Republicans.” (Concord Monitor, 2/10/13)


  •           Leubsdorf: “Her office hasn’t returned messages asking if she plans any additional statements.” (Concord Monitor, 2/10/13)


Political Analyst Dean Spiliotes On Kuster’s Silence: “You get on top of the story, you provide a plausible explanation and you move on as quickly as possible…it doesn’t seem like they’ve done an effective job of getting on top of the story,” (Concord Monitor, 2/10/13)


Democratic State Rep Barbara Shaw Explaining Her Own Delinquent Taxes: "I'm not an Annie Kuster that's got $2 million in the bank that hasn't paid their taxes," Shaw, a state representative, said last week. "I have nothing." (New Hampshire Sunday News, 2/10/13)


Union Leader Headline: “Back Taxes Haunt Congresswoman” (Union Leader, 2/6/13)


  •          Union Leader: “U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster offered no explanation Tuesday why, despite having assets worth about $2 million, she and her husband were late on six consecutive property tax payments totaling nearly $40,000 for their Hopkinton home since 2010.” (Union Leader, 2/6/13)


Union Leader’s John DiStaso: “The story behind U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster's three years of late property tax payments is perplexing…Why, some ask, couldn't they just cash in a mutual fund, pay up and avoid the embarrassment?” (Union Leader, 2/7/13)


  •         DiStaso: “Apparently, even people worth $2 million can have cash flow problems, the poor things. But for three years?” (Union Leader, 2/7/13)


Concord Monitor Editorial: “Kuster owes constituents an explanation” (Concord Monitor, 2/7/13)


  •          Monitor: “Plenty of people, and corporations too, fall behind in their property tax payments…But that doesn’t mean that Congresswoman Annie Kuster doesn’t owe constituents an explanation for why she and her husband have been chronically late with tax payments on their home in Hopkinton and rental property in Jackson.” (Concord Monitor, 2/7/13)


  •          Monitor: “[I]t makes it difficult to understand why Kuster hasn’t quickly explained her situation to the public. She should.” (Concord Monitor, 2/7/13)


New Hampshire Public Radio:Kuster Apologizes But Offers No Explanation For Late Tax Payments” (NHPR, 2/5/13)

NH Journal Editorial:Repeated inquiries from multiple media outlets across the state and country have met with silence fro the Kuster camp. This goes beyond politics or even policy; it is a violation of the public trust. Kuster’s 2nd District constituents have a right to know why their elected representative, who has called for higher taxes, didn’t pay her own until she was caught red handed by the media.” (NH Journal, 2/10/13)