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Concord, NH- NHGOP Communications Director Meg Stone released the following statement today on Congresswoman Annie Kuster returning to New Hampshire for the first time since reports surfaced about her delinquent property taxes. New Hampshire Democratic Party officials disclosed today that Rep. Kuster made a previously unannounced visit to Party headquarters in Concord as she struggles to address the damage caused by her unwillingness to discuss her missed tax payments.

"The time has come for Congresswoman Kuster to stop hiding from her constituents and offer an open and straightforward explanation about her long history of delinquent taxes. The Congresswoman needs to discuss about why, despite her support for higher taxes and her reported net worth of nearly $2 million, she avoided paying her fair share in taxes until the media caught her red-handed. Now that she is back in New Hampshire, Congresswoman Kuster needs to meet with her constituents, give them honest answers, and begin to regain the trust and confidence that she has lost as a result of this embarrassing incident."

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