Townhall Daily - February 11 - Mike Adams, Star Parker, John Ransom, Michael Barone, Katie Kieffer and More


Mike Adams:
The Truth in Love Police

Star Parker:
Does the Republican Party Have a Future?

John Ransom:
Chevy Volt Follows Stupid 2012 with Stupider 2013

Michael Barone:
Congressional Hearings Show Obama Treading Dangerous Global Path

Katie Kieffer:
Droning Out Freedom (CliffsNotes On DOJ White Paper)

Rachel Alexander:
Where is the Left's Uproar Over Obama's Secret Warmongering Drone Policy?


Is Obama Terrified of the “Secret $200 Retirement Blueprint?”
If you’ve already retired, or want to retire soon, I urge you to watch this video presentation before we have to pull it down.
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Shawn Mitchell:
No, Chris Rock, He Ain’t My Daddy, or Yours

Bruce Bialosky:
Selective Thoughts

Terry Paulson:
To the Farmer in All of Us

Rich Galen:
State of the State of the Union

Daniel J. Mitchell:
An Amusing Video Medley of Moral Preening on Guns from Piers Morgan

Political Calculations:
Stagnation Dominates U.S. Employment Situation


Matt Barber:
Bloody Hands: The Southern Poverty Law Center

David R. Usher:
Missouri Takes Lead Reducing Gun and Domestic Violence

Mike Shedlock:
'Sequester' Fearmongering by Obama and Republicans

Ken Connelly:
The Goodness of Marriage

Mark Baisley:
The Blueprint for GOP Disaster

Morgan Brittany:
What’s So Bad about Sequestration?

Tad DeHaven:
Defense Spending Hasn’t Been Cut by $600 Billion

Chris Edwards:
Federal Spending Has Always Been Wasteful