ALG's Daily Grind - Understanding Obama's sequester bombshell

Feb. 11, 2013

Understanding Obama's sequester bombshell

Obama: 2.4 percent cut to $3.5 trillion budget will "threaten thousands of jobs and the economic security of the middle class." Oh, and the seas will boil, and the sky will fall. He left that out.

News Quips: Hagel, Brennan and Panetta, Oh My!

President Obama's second term national security team is in trouble on Capitol Hill, but the trouble is not just a few Republican Senators, but instead revolves around nasty ties to Islamic terrorist groups, waterboarding and drone killings and a stunning revelation by the former Defense Secretary.

Big Labor fights against workers in Michigan

Labor unions complain that right-to-work laws are draining them of precious resources needed for protecting workers. But when those same unions come out and threaten lawsuits against their own members, one begins to see through the façade.

Melloan: The Fed's Asset-Inflation Machine

"Asset inflation often produces something called "wealth illusion," the belief that pricier asset holdings necessarily make one permanently richer. Illusions are dangerous. Eventually, painful reality intervenes."