New Hampshire Bible Society E-Newsletter February 2013

NH Bible Society E -Newsletter

February 2013 

"Indeed, the word of God is living and active... " Hebrews 4: 12  

     Really blessed days in the office of the NH Bible Society are those when someone stops by or we receive a call inquiring into new bibles. Last week was great-- a call came in from a Concord congregation for Nepali language bibles (a new congregation meeting in their building), a request for more bibles for the women's prison in Goffstown, and a call from a woman to explore the cost of purchasing new hard-covered pew bibles for a small church. (They had received a recent memorial gift to make such a purchase-and we secured a good discount.)
       The Word of God continues to go out-- as it has for over 200 years-- to strengthen and guide the people of God across our state. And the NH Bible Society is at the heart of that "going out", a going out that reaps the fruits of faithfulness, salvation, and hope.   It is a deep joy to be part of such a ministry.

       We invite you to celebrate this transformational ministry with us. We also invite your prayers, contacts you might direct our way, and your gifts of financial support. Many "saints" keep us strong and engaged in this Kingdom work of bringing the living and active word of God to people throughout the state.

Onward and upward in Christ!


Rev. Linda Lea Snyder

Interim Director                             

New leadership for the American Bible Society  

The ABS is delighted to announce the selection of S. Douglas Birdsall as the 27th president and CEO of American Bible Society. Doug will succeed ABS's current president and CEO, R. Lamar Vest, who announced his retirement nearly one year ago.


Building on 30 years of leadership focused on pointing people to the message of the Bible, Doug is the executive chairman of the Lausanne Movement. He is also the founding director of the J. Christy Wilson Jr. Center for World Missions at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Through his leadership with Lausanne, he chaired the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa, which brought together 4,200 church leaders from 198 nations. For more information visit 

Bible Society Speaker/Preacher for your Congregation

      The Rev. Wayne Santos, a member of our board of directors, past military chaplain, and American Baptist pastor is available to preach and/or speak in worship or other gathering in your congregation on any area related to Holy Scripture, for example, the value of engaging the Bible in everyday life or how to tackle choices of translation. Perhaps you have a particular text or set of texts you would like Wayne to address, or want to offer a youth or "cluster event" of neighborhood churches. Wayne is a delightful and captivating speaker and great witness to all ages - teen to senior adult. Please be in touch directly with him to arrange a time: 


     Rev. Linda Lea Snyder, Interim Director is also available to speak or meet with your clergy or congregational group midweek. Linda is an ordained American Baptist Pastor who in the past has served as a denominational executive, seminary teacher, and local pastor. She loves the power of the Word to inform and transform human life! Linda can be reached at 603 244-1352 or at 

Our Daily Bread
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Just in time for Lent -- Rick Warren

Love the word. Learn the word. Live the word. You can download a part of Rick Warren's 40 Days in the Word--in a pdf format at

Reframing the Conversation


While more than half of America's youth consider themselves Christian, they often lack biblical understanding. Author Allen Reesor, presents an overview of seven key developments and realities that shape the context in which they (and will) live. For example, globalization--do we present the Bible as a global book? This article is very worthwhile and a good basis for discussion for youth leaders. For more information visit 

A Rich History in New Hampshire --The NHBS
nhbs birthday seal
Since 1812, The New Hampshire Bible Society has actively distributed the Bible in New Hampshire.  For almost 200 years we have been offering God's word into the hands, heads and hearts of the people of New Hampshire. 


In honor of our anniversary NH Bible Society has donated our archives of to the UNH Dimond Library's Milne collection.  Jessica McClain and Bill Ross have cataloged and placed online 200 years of NHBS records.  You can check it out at 


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