Concord, NH- NHGOP Communications Director Meg Stone released the following statement tonight on Congresswoman Annie Kuster's continued inability to explain her long history of late tax payments. In an interview with WMUR this evening, the Congresswoman still refused to explain why she was delinquent on $40,000 in property taxes over the last three years.

"Once again, Congresswoman Kuster failed to be upfront with her constituents and offer a plausible explanation for her long history of late tax payments. She refused to explain why, despite a net worth of nearly $2 million, ownership of two vacation homes, a lucrative corporate lobbying career, and investments in over 20 mutual funds, she wasn't paying her fair share in taxes. And she didn't explain why despite having the resources needed to immediately settle her tax obligations, she decided to make the payments only after the media caught her red-handed.

"Congresswoman Kuster's inability to explain herself further damages her credibility and raises even more questions that demand immediate answers. The people of the Second District deserve to know why, at a time when Annie Kuster is trying to raise their taxes, she hasn't been paying her own. Granite Staters don't want excuses, but they do expect their elected representatives to be open, honest and to provide a plausible explanation for three years of delinquent taxes."