NH Sen. Bradley Statement on Health Care Oversight Committee Vote

The New Hampshire Senate

Majority Office

Urges full legislative review prior to final agreement of state-federal partnership

Concord, NH – Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) a member of the Joint Health Care Oversight Committee, issued the following statement after today’s vote allowing Gov. Hassan to send a letter of the intent to the federal Department of Health and Human Services concerning the establishment of a state-federal partnership exchange:

“We appreciate the Governor’s staff joining us for today’s hearing and their attempts to address some of the key concerns the committee has about proceeding towards a state-federal partnership exchange.  However, despite their best efforts, it was obvious to me that far too many questions remain unanswered, and I am uncomfortable putting New Hampshire on the path towards this partnership until more information is available to allow us to fully weigh the costs versus the benefits for patients, providers, and taxpayers. 

“Going forward, while the Oversight Committee will continue to have a role in the process, I believe the issue of whether or not to approve a partnership, including how we fund and pay for any obligations assumed under that agreement, is fundamentally a legislative prerogative and not something the Governor can proceed with on her own.  In the weeks ahead, I will be working to ensure the proper procedures are established to ensure this issue can be considered by the full legislature.”