48 Hours Until Thousands of Obama Protesters Converge on all State Capitols

February 13, 2013 (MMD Newswire) -- Over 20,000 people have signed up online to attend the National Protests Against Obama (NPAO) in all 50 state capitals in 48 hours through both ALIPAC's Facebook event page and website AgainstAmnesty.com. Despite the recently documented censorship efforts by Facebook, the number of protesters planning to muster is growing rapidly!

Peaceful and racially inclusive picket style protests will take place on public sidewalks at all 50 American state capitols this Saturday, February 16, from 11am to 1pm in respective time zones.

Protest address locations and more information can be found on the Facebook invite page at https://www.facebook.com/events/4653...94260/?fref=ts

Online activists are spreading the word and encouraging like-minded citizens to join using e-mails, social media, online communities, and calls to talk radio shows.

The attendance ranks are swelling despite the fact Facebook has been caught red handed blocking ads promoting the protests, allowing pro Obama activists to deface the NPAO event page, and blocking the main event page from the search results of the Facebook search engine.

"More Americans are quickly learning that both the main stream and social media are acting as extensions of Obama's totalitarian, dictatorial, and nation dividing regime," said William Gheen, the primary NPAO organizer and President of ALIPAC. "We are proud to see so many Americans standing up and speaking out against these abuses of our political and financial systems, our citizens, our Republic, and our entire Bill of Rights."

The NPAO rallies are designed to take place legally, picket style, without permits, to test if Americans still have the right to both peacefully assemble and the right to petition government for redress of grievances. Some recent gun rights protests that sought permits were placed in locations where their attendees could not be seen by the public or lawmakers.

Protesters will be citing a host of valid concerns and complaints regarding Barack Obama's policies such as unprecedented spending and debt, Amnesty for illegal aliens orders by fiat, attempts to restrict gun rights, attacks on free speech on the web, the purchase of thousands of assault rifles for the Mexican mafia via Fast and Furious, the ridiculous cover story released during Benghazigate, the unconstitutional appointments to the Labor Board, the suspension of Habeas Corpus rights through the NDAA, and many more policy issues not related to Obama's race.

Talk radio show hosts and members of the American media are encouraged to inform more Americans about these protests before they occur and to attend these protests to speak with participants.

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)