Freekeenenews - City Targets Keene Activist Center with Hundreds Per Day in Fines

Are your home's smoke detectors AC-powered and interconnected?

The City of Keene says they have to be, or else it's hundreds per day in fines!  One of the City of Keene's code enforcers and the fire chief are targeting me, the owner of the Keene Activist Center, for allegedly violating a ridiculous ordinance that mandates all homes in Keene must have AC-powered, interconnected smoke detectors.  I don't know about you, but that's something I have never seen in any home I've ever lived or any smoke detector install I've ever seen.  By the date of the coming trial (5/29, 10am Keene District Court) my home may have racked up over $180,000 in fines. 

CIty of Keene code enforcer Fred Parsells has been targeting my home and my tenants for various nonsense (as petty as a tenant's tire partially on the edge of the sidewalk) ever since he was hired.  Prior to that, it had been years since I'd heard anything from code enforcement. 

A detailed article on this case, including court filings, can be found in this blog post at Free Keene.