NHDP - Bill O'Brien's Lieutenant

Representative Pam Tucker - Deputy Speaker last session under Bill O'Brien - took to the House floor today during the debate on O'Brien's so-called Right-to-Work legislation to talk about its supposed benefits to New Hampshire:



Imagine here in NH if we had 50% less people on welfare.  Think of the money that we could pump into mental health and CHINS (Children in Need of Services) and to all those other programs that we want to fund. 



This is the same Pam Tucker who earlier in today's session was one of 50 legislators to vote against a bill that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support creating a committee studying ways to improve CHINS in New Hampshire. 



The hypocrisy is stunning.  It is critical we continue to hold House Republicans accountable for their extreme agenda.  Our House Democratic majority is focused and committed to moving New Hampshire forward, expanding our middle class, and creating good jobs all across our state. 



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