NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley Invites VA Attorney General and 2016 Hopeful Ken Cuccinelli to Granite State Book Reading

Concord - Today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley officially invited Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to include a stop in New Hampshire on his book tour.  Cuccinelli is releasing a new book "The Last Line of Defense" that has been described as a "tea party manifesto" and is a clear first step in his run for the Republican nomination in 2016.


"We sincerely hope that Attorney General Cuccinelli honors New Hampshire with a reading of his new book ahead of the first in the nation primary here in the Granite State.  Ken Cuccinelli's opinion that social security and Medicare are 'goodies' that make recipients 'dependent on government' would certainly be enlightening to the many voters he will have to win over during his long quest for the Presidency.   We think this is such an important thing for New Hampshire voters that we will pay for the Attorney General's travel up here for the reading."


With reviews already rolling in from around the country, Ken Cuccinelli is staking out his position leading the Republican charge away from the mainstream:


"An unyielding hardliner [...] Has said more things that will offend the voters that swing elections than is humanly possible"   -    Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough


"Right-wing ideologue [...] A dogged ideologue" - Conservative Columnist Jennifer Rubin.  


"Not reflective of rank and file Republicans."  - Former RNC Chair Michael Steele


"If Virginia's ultra-conservative attorney general needs to appeal to moderate Republicans in his campaign for governor, his new book probably isn't going to help." - Associated Press,  2/7/13   


"One way to think of the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia is as Son of Santorum. [...] In a forthcoming book, Mr. Cuccinelli portrays popular programs like Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid as reducing people to government dependents, a ploy that politicians use to amass power. He refers to citizens who receive benefits as 'the ones getting the goodies,' an echo of Mr. Romney's notorious '47 percent' comment." - New York Times,  1/31/13 


"In forthcoming book, Cuccinelli echoes Romney's '47 percent'" - Washington Post,  1/30/13