AFPNH - Help us fight the war on energy consumers!

There is a war in our state on energy consumers. While many working families and individuals in New Hampshire are struggling to make ends meet, state leaders are currently considering several pieces of legislation that will raise the cost for you to turn on the lights, to heat your home or to drive to work.  


It’s time for the War on Energy Consumers to stop and for our elected officials to find ways to reduce the cost of these basic and critical services.


Click here to find your members of the State House and your State Senator and contact them today!

Recently the failed cap-and-trade program known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) announced plans to cut credits, with the goal of raising your electric rates. In addition, the New Hampshire House voted narrowly to raise the tax on fuel oil by 25% for a program that regularly runs a surplus and the House is considering a 67% increase in the state’s gas tax.

I encourage you to contact your House members and your state Senator and tell them to OPPOSE HB 185 which will increase taxes on fuel oil by 25% and OPPOSE HB 617 which would raise the state gasoline tax by 67% over the next three years. 

Please also ask your elected officials to OPPOSE lowering the RGGI program caps which will increase electric rates in NH.

Click here to find your members of the State House and your State Senator and contact them today!

In addition to increasing the burden on NH families, higher energy costs only make our state less competitive. Our elected officials should focus on growing our economy so that employers who are already here can expand and hire more workers and new businesses will want to move here. They should not be raising energy prices on the families and businesses that are already in the state.

Please contact your legislators today and feel free to email us at if you receive a response. 

Yesterday there were two Committee votes that you should be aware of. The first was from the Joint Health Care Oversight Committee which voted 4-2 to allow Governor Hassan to send a letter of intent to the federal Department of Health and Human Services concerning the establishment of a state-federal partnership exchange. Like so many of you, we oppose the establishment of a health care exchange in our state as required by President Obama’s health care overhaul. Though this vote is disappointing, we will continue to support efforts to prevent or limit the burden placed upon our taxpayers in fulfillment of this federal mandate.

Also disappointing was a House Ways and Means Committee vote. The Committee voted along party lines in support of HB 370 which would repeal the education tax credit program established by the legislature last session. This vote means this bill is one step closer to becoming law and to removing all the hope offered to NH families through this scholarship program, which has not even been able to get off the ground. We oppose HB 370 and will call on the House to oppose this bill when it comes to the floor for a vote. NH parents should be able to make the best possible choice regarding their children’s education. HB 370 would make that more difficult. 

Thank you for all you do to advance liberty and freedom in our state. We will keep you informed on these pieces of legislation as they move through the process.





Corey R. Lewandowski

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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