CEI Today: Internet sales tax threat, government union largess, and Obama's missing word on trade


Internet Sales Tax Bill Is "Raw Deal for Taxpayers"


Legislation introduced Thursday to allow state tax collectors to reach across borders and tax out-of-state businesses would constitute a de facto tax on Internet sales and subject online retailers to taxation without representation, according to an analysis by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The legislation, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, “would give state tax collectors alarming new powers to reach across their borders and audit retailers in every other state,” said Jessica Melugin, an  adjunct analyst at CEI. > Read more about it

> Interview Jessica Melugin


CEI.org: Landmark Bill Would End Taxpayer Handout to Gov’t Unions

Government labor unions have long been able to conduct union business while on the job and on the taxpayer dime, under a little-known policy called “official time.”  Legislation introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey - the Federal Employee Accountability Act - could end this tax give-away to unions, and a new coalition of government watchdog groups called on Congress today to support that plan. > Read the coalition letter

> Interview Matt Patterson or Trey Kovacs


American Spectator: The Missing Word on Trade


One of the few bright spots during the President’s State of the Union address was his promotion of two new major trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a “comprehensive trans-Atlantic trade and investment partnership with the European Union.” More trade is generally good news, as both sides benefit by it, almost by definition. However, missing from the President’s speech was the word that goes before trade when it is at its most beneficial — free. No one yet knows what the deals the President will pursue look like, but if they’re not genuine free trade deals, they will be a huge missed opportunity. > Read the full commentary

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