Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response to Governor Hassan's budget address:

"Governor Hassan presented an unstable budget today that was supported on revenue that doesn't exist. She is building a fiscally irresponsible house of cards that could collapse at any minute and leave New Hampshire with a major deficit. 

"Governor Hassan needs to present a specific proposal for exactly what she plans to cut from her budget proposal if gambling fails to gain support in the legislature as it has every time it has been considered, or, what taxes will she try to increase. 

"Granite Staters deserve to know how she would make up for the up the $80 million in fabricated revenue that she is including in her budget in the event that it never materializes.

"Finally, Governor Hassan must explain why she would build a budget that relies on repealing an opportunity law such as the Education Tax Credit Scholarship Plan, a law that offers the opportunity to access the highest quality education to NH students, regardless of their household income or what zip code they live in."