YRNF Statement on Black History Month

Chelsi PChelsi Henry at YRNF Convention Henry, the YRNF Outreach Chair, issued the following statement on Black History Month:

Often times, Black History Month is overlooked or dismissed for a variety of reasons. Some say that it promotes racial divides, and others point out the fact that it is the shortest month of the year. Though both of these points and many others can be argued, the truth is that these arguments are mere distractions from the significance of the month. 

Black History Month is shared with Valentine’s Day. symbolic maybe? I would argue YES! If the Republican Party is going to lead and solve today’s issues, many that affect the African-American communities in the United States, there must be love and compassion through our actions and policies. 

This is a month that we as Republicans are reminded of our commitment and history of boldly supporting and standing up for freedom and progress. The GOP has a longstanding commitment to these principles. Our Republican Party should continue to rededicate ourselves to expanding the party. We are the party that believes in the advancement of all, no matter your current social economic status, family background, and education level, etc. We embrace American exceptionalism and should be bold in our message to all.

Celebrate with young Americans across the nation- retweet the facts we share, be bold and sharing why you are a Republican with others and how our principles promote the American dream. Reach out beyond your circle and share our conservative vision with your community. 

If you have ideas on how we can continue to share the Republican message, please email me or call me. I am dedicated to improving outreach to young Americans.