Concord Monitor: “Let’s hope that there’s a Plan B.” (2/15/13)


  •         Monitor: “[E]xpanded gambling is not the answer to the state’s structural deficit and revenue problems. We urge the New Hampshire House, which has rejected casino gambling on a host of occasions, to do so again.” (2/15/13)


  •         Monitor: [I]t’s hard to cheer a budget that’s based in good measure on something that shouldn’t happen.” (2/15/13)


  •         Monitor:[G]overnor now wants to meet the state’s needs in a way that guarantees more problem gamblers and gambling addicts and less revenue for the state’s existing restaurants and other businesses. That makes Hassan’s offering yet another disappointing budget.” (2/15/13)


Union Leader: “It is inadvisable to base a budget, whether a household's or a state's, on income that is unlikely to materialize. Alas, Gov. Maggie Hassan has done that. Again.” (2/14/13)


  •         Union Leader: “She would rather spend money we don't have by inventing new ways of gathering it than do the truly fiscally responsible thing and make state government live within its means.” (2/15/13)


Portsmouth Herald: Casino will not work in the long run.” (2/18/13) 


  •         Herald: “All around the nation we find examples of casino operators over-promising and under-delivering on tax revenues. And we see states, addicted to gambling money, unable to resist operators' demands for expansion when they say they need it to keep the money flowing.” (2/18/13)


  •         Herald: “We urge the legislature to build a budget that does not rely on gambling money and instead judge expanded gaming on its own merits and not as a quick fix to the state's short-term fiscal challenges.” (2/18/13)


Keene Sentinel: “It concerns us that Hassan is placing so much weight on a projected revenue source that may not exist anytime soon, if at all.” (2/15/13)


  •         Sentinel: “It’s also troublesome that Hassan’s proposal hinges on an $80 million revenue projection for a casino license — far higher than what at least one Granite State research group has said is realistic.” (2/15/13)


  •         Sentinel: “[W]e fear that Hassan’s reliance on a new casino serving as a hefty portion of the state’s revenue picture in the coming biennium may be a poor wager.” (2/15/13)


Nashua Telegraph: “Gov. Maggie Hassan presented her much-anticipated, two-year budget to state lawmakers Thursday morning and, as expected, there is certainly no shortage of items to get some people riled up about.” (2/15/13)


  •         Telegraph: “[F]raught with danger – most notably, how to plug an $80 million hole in her two-year budget should the Legislature refuse to play along.” (2/15/13)


  •         Telegraph: “While we are on record in support of gambling for economic and other reasons, even we have to admit that Hassan’s decision to count on casino money is quite the gamble – not just for next year’s budget, but for her political career as well.” (2/15/13)