AFP - Sneak Peek At Our Congressional Scorecard

We’re giving you a sneak peek of AFP’s Congressional Scorecard! This key vote scorecard for the 112th Congress analyzes every single member to let you know how focused your legislators are on promoting economic freedom. AFP will release its scorecard to Congressional members and the public tomorrow. 

See The Grade Your Representative Earned

In this brand-new edition, we tallied the most critical votes of the 112thCongress - repealing President Obama’s job-killing health care law, disapproving of EPA’s overreach to regulate greenhouse gases, supporting Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget, stopping “green” ethanol subsidies, and many others.

Tomorrow AFP is also launching a brand new online home for the scorecard. This interactive website will make it even easier for AFP activists like you to keep an eye on Congress and see how your elected officials are voting on critical issues.

With so many anti-free market damaging policies coming out of Washington, it is more important than ever to watch how our lawmakers are voting. You didn’t send them to Congress to hike your taxes and restrict your economic freedom. Elected officials must be held accountable and now you can see their votes easier than ever.

See whether your Representative makes the grade!


In Liberty,

Tim Phillips

Americans for Prosperity