CEI Today: Windsorgate, tax-funded Tea Party smear, and a sin tax report


CEI.org: Latest EPA "Richard Windsor" Documents Heavily Redacted

Yet again, despite a court order, the Environmental Protection Agency refused to come clean about its former administrator’s involvement in President Obama’s war on coal.

But nearly 95 percent of the correspondence from the administrator and more than 80 percent of the email sent to ‘Richard Windsor’ – excluding news stories available to the public – were redacted despite claims by President Obama his was the most transparent administration ever. The agency claimed "Exception 5" – which allows agencies to exempt “deliberative” exchanges with senior staff – for more than 85 percent of the redactions. > Read more about the EPA emails


> Interview Christopher Horner

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Huffington Post: National Cancer Institute Funds Tea Party Witch Hunt

What was the National Cancer Institute (NCI) thinking when it decided to spend $678,952 to fund a notorious political activist to conduct a "scientific" research study designed to prove that the Tea Party was an invention of Big Tobacco and the Koch brothers, rather than a grassroots movement of disenfranchised Americans fed up with both the Republican and Democratic parties? > Read the full commentary

> Interview Bill Frezza

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CEI.org: New Report on The Wages of Sin Taxes


In his study, The Wages of Sin Taxes, Chris Snowdon reveals that these taxes not only do little to limit the use of “bad” products, they do nothing to reduce societal costs. Most remarkably, Snowdon demonstrates that those shockingly large estimates of the costs that the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, sugar, and fat supposedly impose on society have little basis in reality. > Read more

> Interview Michelle Minton


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