Party Gives Senator Advice On How To Avoid The Embarrassing Mistakes Congresswoman Kuster Made Responding To Her Tax Problems

CONCORD - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today sent the following letter to Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) regarding reports that, like New Hampshire Congresswoman Annie Kuster, she failed to pay her property tax obligations. The Daily Caller reported yesterday (2/18/13) that Senator Landrieu had failed to pay an outstanding $1,200 tax penalty on her $2.3 million Capitol Hill mansion. Congresswoman Kuster has faced widespread criticism after it was recently revealed that she was delinquent on nearly $40,000 in property taxes over a three-year period on her primary residence and exclusive White Mountain vacation home (Union Leader2/5/2013) : 

Senator Mary Landrieu703 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Landrieu,

It was with great interest that I read yesterday’s Daily Caller (2/18/13) story about how you refused to pay your property tax bills on your opulent $2.3 million Capitol Hill mansion, despite your support for more job-killing tax hikes. Your delinquent taxes and rank hypocrisy reminds Granite Staters of our own disgraced home state politician who is embroiled in a similar scandal.

It was recently revealed that Congresswoman Annie Kuster (D-NH) was delinquent on nearly $40,000 in property taxes over a three-year period on her primary residence and her posh, White Mountain vacation home. Despite a lucrative career as a corporate lobbyist, an estimated net worth of nearly $2 million and a generous publicly funded salary, Congresswoman Kuster only decided to pay her fair share in taxes after she was caught red-handed by the media. And like you, Congresswoman Kuster is a tax-and-spend liberal who wants to raise taxes on working families at a time is when she hasn’t been meeting her own tax obligations.

Congresswoman Kuster’s tax fiasco is deeply humiliating and politically damaging for her in New Hampshire. Her bungled response to the controversy only inflamed the situation and resulted in bipartisan condemnation and criticism from newspaper editorial boards from across our state. Given that you are facing a very difficult reelection in 2014, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee thought it would be helpful to inform you of the mistakes Congresswoman Kuster made to help you limit the shame and embarrassment that will undoubtedly result from your scandal:

1.     Don’t Hide From Your Constituents: For an entire week after the story broke about her late tax payments, Congresswoman shamefully hid from her constituents in Washington. Her silence earned her widespread ridicule and calls for her to offer a personal explanation from both conservative and left-leaning editorial boards. When she finally did muster up the courage to show her face again in the Granite State, she participated in only one local media interview and still refused to explain why she avoided paying her taxes. As of this writing, Congresswoman Kuster still has not provided a plausible explanation for why she chose to miss her property tax payments until the New Hampshire media called her out.

2.     Do Not Make A Laughably Ridiculous Claim That You Are Struggling Like Everybody Else: Congressman Kuster absurdly suggested that she was facing the same financial challenges as middle class families, telling WMUR-TV (2/11/13) “Life is expensive, and it caught up to us.” But like you, Congresswoman Kuster very wealthy. As a member of one of New Hampshire’s most prominent political dynasties and after a career as a well-healed corporate lobbyist, she has amassed a net worth of nearly $2 million. She owns two homes and is invested in over 20 mutual funds according to her personal financial disclosure forms. For her to claim that she is in some way coping with the same economic struggles facing working families is outrageous, offensive and simply incorrect. Given the value of your luxurious $2.3 million Washington, DC mansion, it appears that you are also unable to compare your delinquent tax payments to their challenges.

3.     Stop Calling For Higher Taxes If You Don’t Want To Pay Your Own: Both you and Congresswoman Kuster are part of the problem in Washington that has put our country on a path towards fiscal insolvency. You both refuse to live within our means and are calling for higher taxes to fund the unsustainable growth of government. Your liberal positions are not only disastrous for our economy, but also extremely hypocritical given your delinquent taxes. So if you are going to try to raise taxes on your constituents, you better start paying yours on time.

Senator, we hope you take the time to learn from Congresswoman Kuster’s embarrassing mistakes as you grapple with this unfortunate scandal. We also wish you luck in your upcoming endeavors after your all but certain defeat in 2014. Hopefully you will be able to find gainful private sector employment that will allow you to continue your exclusive lifestyle and start paying all of your taxes on time.



Megan StoneCommunications DirectorNew Hampshire Republican State Committee