AFPNH - No free ski passes for Legislators!

Today, the NH House will vote on a bill that will give legislators FREE ski passes for Cannon Mountain ski area! HB 514 introduced by Rep. Gary Coulombe would exempt free ski passes for legislators from the definition of a “gift.” How else would you define a gift? Is this really the priority of the House?

We elect representatives to Concord to do what is in the best interest of the people of this state, not to give themselves FREE gifts and perks just for being a legislator. We will keep you posted on the outcome of this vote.

While some legislators do not want to pay for ski passes, they have no problem asking you to pay more for gasoline and diesel. Yesterday, Tom Thomson, our AFP-NH Honorary Chairman, testified against legislation (HB 617) that would increase the state’s tax on gasoline and diesel by 83%. CLICK HERE to read Tom’s testimony.

We need you to contact your House members and your state Senator and tell them to OPPOSE HB 617 which would impose this tremendous burden upon NH residents.

CLICK HERE to find your members of the State House and your State Senator. Make sure they know that while you hope to receive a raise this year, it will not be 83%! Our citizens don’t need more government spending; we need to keep more of our hard earned money to pay for our basic needs.

A report by the federal Energy Department shows that Americans are now paying 4% of their income just to fill up their gas tanks. This bill will only make it more expensive for you to do so in NH.

This tax increase on gasoline and diesel, coupled with the bill to increase the tax on heating oil that recently passed the House (HB 185) and the effort to increase electricity rates through the RGGI cap-and-trade scheme, combine to place huge new burdens on New Hampshire citizens with higher energy costs.

Click here to find your members of the State House and your State Senator and contact them today! Tell them we don’t need bigger government and higher taxes!




Corey R. Lewandowski

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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