Townhall Daily - February 21 - Ann Coulter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Victor Davis Hanson, Larry Elder, Michael Barone and More


Ann Coulter:
Hispanicked GOP Elite: They'll Respect Us In the Morning

Jackie Gingrich Cushman:
Looking at Washington Anew

Victor Davis Hanson:
Gilded Class Warriors

Larry Elder:
On Guns, Obama Finally Talks About the Culture of Fatherlessness

Michael Barone:
GOP Has Trouble Settling on Candidates Who Can Win

John Ransom:
Obama’s "Really Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Sequester"



Mike Adams:
Brown Shirts at ECU

Michael Reagan:
The Real Answer to the Immigration Question

Cal Thomas:
Extortionist In Chief

Larry Kudlow:
The Pro-Growth Sequester

Debra J. Saunders:
If You're a Taxpayer, You're With Stupid

David Harsanyi:
Thank You, Mr. President


Tony Katz:
Is Anyone Going To Notice The Left's Hysterical Hysteria Over Guns?

Rich Galen:
See - Seekwes - Sequestration

Daniel J. Mitchell:
The Tax Code Shouldn’t Steer Capital to State and Local Governments at the Expense of Private Investment

Steve Chapman:
The Minimum Wage and Economic Reality

Emmett Tyrrell:
End of the Coolidge Joke

Charles Payne:
Benevolent Warrior...for Justice

Bill Tatro:
Confused Investor? Yeah.


Jerry Newcombe:
Is Scripture-Quoting a Sign that You’re Nuts?

Morgan Brittany:
Simpson-Bowles: Cheers for the Two Man Parade

Mike Shedlock:
Proof that Inflation Benefits the Wealthy

Todd Starnes:
TSA Manhandles Disabled Three-Year-Old in Wheelchair, Offers No Explanation

Bob Goldman:
How the Pros Procrastinate

Christopher Prandoni:
Don't Raise Taxes to Avoid the Sequester

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
Will You Have to Pay Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of Your Home?