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You and I know that Congress and the President have a major spending problem, but the Sequester cuts that take effect on March 1stcould be the first step to changing that -- $85 billion in real cuts that will finally begin some belt tightening in Washington, D.C.  But Democrats, and even some Republicans in Congress, are joining the President in questioning the wisdom of these modest cuts.  That's why these politicians need to hear from us now.


Tell your senators and representative that it’s time to Cut Spending Now.


Last week Americans for Prosperity launched the Spending Accountability Project. This new initiative is the grassroots counter to big spending Washington politicians. Our strategy is simple; apply local grassroots pressure on key Members of Congress in their home states and districts, telling them to stop overspending. If enough of us make our voices heard, we can have a real impact.


That’s where you come in.  In this critical time, no one can afford to sit on the sideline!  Please send an email to your House and Senate member right now; just follow this link and your email will be sent to them.


Earlier this week in Little Rock, Arkansas I stood with a passionate group of grassroots activists getting petitions signed to turn into members of Congress.  And last week in Raleigh and in Indianapolis, I went with our activists to visit district offices of members of Congress telling them to finally begin reining in government overspending by keeping these Sequester cuts. 


One of our most loyal activists, Marjorie, in Raleigh told me as we left the congressional office in Raleigh that she "was glad to be off the couch feeling down and back in the fight again!" 


People just like you have already taken action in every state across the country. 

You can hear about some of their efforts, in their own words by clicking here.




If you are as sick of government waste and overspending as I am, then join me in the fight and take action today. Right here, right now.  


In Liberty,




Tim Phillips

President of Americans for Prosperity