HotAir Daily Express 02/25/2013


Biden: No real law-abiding citizens fear infringement of their constitutional rights, or something
2/25/2013 10:01:11 AM  Ed Morrissey
Breitbart’s headline on this oversells the quote, but only by a little. In an appearance in Connecticut last week, Vice President Joe Biden insisted that people who question this administration on gun policy — like Kate Ernest did just prior

Trading sequester to avoid a government shutdown?
2/25/2013 9:21:13 AM  Ed Morrissey
The sequestration cuts hit on Friday, but that may not be the biggest worry on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue.  By the last week of March, the continuing resolution that provides funding for the federal government expires — and without another

The 52 who didn’t make it into the Oscar winner last night
2/25/2013 8:41:57 AM  Ed Morrissey
Last night, Hollywood honored Argo as the Best Picture of 2012, a not-unexpected outcome, and there isn’t any doubt that Argo is a gripping, well-made tale.  National Journal reminded us yesterday, though, that it’s only a sliver of a much

Scottish cardinal steps down ahead of conclave
2/25/2013 8:01:59 AM  Ed Morrissey
One member of the College of Cardinals will sit out next month’s papal conclave — but it’s not the one you might have expected.  Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien abruptly retired as Archbishop overnight after several priests in his


I Bet You Can’t Name This Company…
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Quotes of the day
2/24/2013 8:01:43 PM  Allahpundit
The automatic budget cuts set to take hold this week were roundly condemned Sunday as governors, lawmakers and administration officials hoped for a deal to stave off the $85 billion reduction in government services. Suggestions intended to instill a

Open thread: The 85th annual Academy Awards
2/24/2013 6:31:00 PM  Erika Johnsen
My big beef with the Oscars has always been that they are annual. That fact in and of itself seems to assume that Hollywood comes up with sincerely great and timeless motion pictures every single year — which, in what is probably my

How’s that Colorado/Washington marijuana legalization coming along?
2/24/2013 5:01:51 PM  Erika Johnsen
“This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos or goldfish too quickly,” said Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper just

Gerard Depardieu says au revoir to high French tax rates
2/24/2013 3:31:33 PM  Jazz Shaw
Will we soon be scrapping the phrase “Going Galt” for “Going Gerard?” Could be. MOSCOW — French actor Gerard Depardieu is officially a resident of One Democracy Street in the Russian city of Saransk, about 400 miles east of

Film review: Argo
2/24/2013 2:01:28 PM  Ed Morrissey
In 1979, the revolutionary Iranian government allowed a mob to seize the American embassy in Tehran, and then kept the staff hostage for 444 days.  Six Americans managed to escape the sacking of the embassy and ended up in the residence of the Canadian

Karzai orders US special forces out of Wardak Province
2/24/2013 12:31:16 PM  Jazz Shaw
I’m not saying things are going to hell in a handbasket yet, but this isn’t a good sign. NBC News is now reporting that Hamid Karzai is directing all US special forces to leave Wardak Province, the location of recent insurgent activity and a

The next Russian pastime – Blame America!
2/24/2013 11:01:44 AM  Jazz Shaw
In retrospect, this probably won’t come as too much of a surprise. Last month we talked about the allegations in Russia regarding American adoptions of Russian children and the supposed “rampant abuse” which follows. As Kim Zigfeld