Concord, NH - New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn filed the following complaint with Attorney General Michael Delaney regarding Governor Maggie Hassan's unwillingness to comply with state law and submit required budget documents to the legislature:


Attorney General Michael Delaney

New Hampshire Department of Justice

33 Capitol Street

Concord, NH 03301

Dear Attorney General Delaney,

            On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, I am writing to respectfully register an official complaint regarding Governor Maggie Hassan’s deliberate attempt to undermine New Hampshire law by refusing to submit required budget documents to the legislature. I ask that you instruct the governor to immediately comply with the law in order to uphold the integrity of New Hampshire’s budget process and allow the legislature to fully review her irresponsible fiscal proposal.

New Hampshire law clearly (RSA 9:2) states that “Not later than February 15 of the year of each biennial legislative session, the governor shall transmit to the legislature a document to be known as a budget setting forth the governor's financial program for each of the fiscal years of the ensuing biennium and having the character and scope hereinafter set forth.” The law (RSA 9:3) also lays out the three components of the budget that are required to be submitted to the legislature.

As of this writing - over one week after the required February 15 deadline - Governor Hassan is intentionally ignoring and violating New Hampshire law. She is refusing to submit documents that include the explanations and legal language regarding her proposal that will become the House Bill 2 (HB 2) component of the state budget.

Governor Hassan’s actions are irresponsible and are prohibiting the legislature from fully reviewing her reckless proposal. She is constructing a fiscally irresponsible house of cards that could collapse at any minute because it relies on $80 million in non-existent casino licensing revenues. She is gambling with New Hampshire’s fiscal integrity and putting the fate of many critical state services at risk. Our legislators must be able to review the important documents that are required by law in order to ensure that we do not face a potential deficit.

I recognize that you are in a difficult position to take action against Governor Hassan’s blatant attempt to subvert New Hampshire law given you are soon facing re-nomination to your position. I am also aware that you are one of the most prominent New Hampshire Democrats to speak out against the governor’s budget and oppose her irresponsible revenue scheme. I congratulate you on your courageous and principled stand against bad policy that threatens our state’s fiscal integrity. But any attempt by Governor Hassan to reject your re-nomination as a result of your opposition to her budget or your efforts to force her to comply with state law would be viewed as politically vindictive. I would hope that Governor Hassan would realize this and refrain from punishing you for simply doing your job and doing what is best for the State of New Hampshire.

I thank you for your attention to this pressing matter and look forward to your response.




Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee